The Real Ninja Maths

This is the REAL Ninja Maths – i.e. ninjamaths.com

Accept no substitute!

Ninja Maths was set up to make available all the worksheets I created over the years to help my own three children with Key Stage Two Maths (two of whom have won scholarships).

Ninja Maths Background

My technical background (Master’s Degree) and Excel skills have enabled me to produce hundreds of spreadsheets of questions and answers over the years – and here they are for you too.

The Value of Frequent & Repetitive Maths Worksheets

The long-format SAT and exam papers are great, but on a day-to-day basis I find that even a few minutes maths workout makes a significant difference to a child’s progress in maths.

Ninja Maths Ethos

The cornerstone (ethos if you will) is Practice, Repeat & Refine.

Practice – Every Day

Repeat – Similar questions again and again

Refine – Get better with every worksheet