KS2 Algebra

Algebra is only taught in Year 6 and will be tested in SAT’s, Grammar School and 11+ entrance exams.

Subjects covered include:

  • Simple formulae – for example knowing that “a + 21 = 21 + a
  • Solving simple equations – for example solving “2a + 6 = 20
  • Descriptions in English which have to be decoded into algebra (see below)

An 11+ algebra questions could be along these lines…

Q1: To rent a car costs £45 for insurance and £22 per day. Write a formula that describes the total cost of hiring a car for “d” days, then solve it for someone renting a car for eleven days.

Q2: Sally rented a car and it cost her £155 in total. For how many days did she rent a car?

Free Y6 Algebra Worksheets

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