Real World Problem Solving: Ninja Maths Week 21 Workpack

Real World Problem Solving: Ninja Maths Week 21 Workpack Ninja Maths

Imagine you and your friends are planning a pizza party. How many slices does each person get if you order a large pizza with 12 slices and there are 4 of you?

You’re saving up for a new video game that costs £25. You have £10 saved already. How much more money do you need to reach your goal?

You’re baking cookies and the recipe calls for 1 cup of sugar, but you only have a measuring cup in ½ cup increments. How many ½ cup measurements do you need to equal 1 cup?

These are all situations where a sprinkle of Ninja Maths comes in handy!

Ninja Maths to the Rescue!

With Ninja Maths, you’ll learn problem-solving skills that will make you a Maths Ninja in any situation! Here’s how:

Step-by-Step Approach

We break down problems into easy-to-understand steps, just like figuring out how many slices of pizza each person gets at your party.

Word Problems that Make Sense

Our word problems are based on real-life scenarios you can relate to, like saving up for that new video game.

Practice Makes Perfect

The more you practice with our worksheets, the more confident you’ll become at tackling any maths problem that comes your way, from baking cookies to conquering video game challenges!

Maths Skills for Everyday Life

By mastering problem-solving with Ninja Maths, you’ll be prepared for anything:

Planning and Budgeting

You’ll be able to plan movie nights with friends, calculate how much allowance you need to save for that new toy, or figure out how much candy you can buy with your birthday money.

Logical Thinking

Maths problems help you think critically and logically, a skill that comes in handy not only in maths class but also in everyday decision-making.

Confidence Booster

When you can solve real-world problems with maths, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and makes you feel like a superstar!

The World is Full of Maths Problems

Real World Problem Solving: Ninja Maths Week 21 Workpack Ninja Maths

Once you start looking, you’ll see maths problems everywhere! Here’s a fun challenge:

Look around your room and see if you can find 3 things that are the same length, 2 things that are wider than your pencil, and 1 thing that’s square. How did maths help you find these objects?

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International Equivalence

English Year 4 for school ages 8-9 equates to:

USA Grade 3
Australia Year 3
Republic of Ireland Third Class
South Korea Grade 3
India Grade 3
Japan Grade 3
China Grade 3
Germany Grade 3
New Zealand Year 4
Wales Year 4
Netherlands Group 5
Scotland P5

English Year 5 for school ages 9-10 equates to:

USA Grade 4
Australia Year 4
Republic of Ireland Fourth Class
South Korea Grade 4
India Grade 4
Japan Grade 4
China Grade 4
Germany Grade 4
New Zealand Year 5
Wales Year 5
Netherlands Group 6
Scotland P6

English Year 6 for school ages 10-11 equates to:

USA Grade 5
Australia Year 5
Republic of Ireland Fifth Class
South Korea Grade 5
India Grade 5
Japan Grade 5
China Grade 5
Germany Grade 5
New Zealand Year 6
Wales Year 6
Netherlands Group 7
Scotland P7

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