Battling Maths Anxiety: How Ninja Maths Makes Numbers Fun and Builds Confidence

Battling Maths Anxiety: How Ninja Maths Makes Numbers Fun and Builds Confidence Ninja Maths

Many children experience maths anxiety, a feeling of fear or apprehension towards maths.

This can hinder their learning and enjoyment of the subject.

But fear not, Ninja Maths is here to transform maths from a monster into a fun and rewarding adventure!

Why Maths Anxiety Happens

Maths anxiety can stem from various factors, including:

Negative Past Experiences

Struggles with maths in the past can lead to a feeling of inadequacy and avoidance.

Performance Pressure

The fear of getting answers wrong or being judged can create anxiety.

Lack of Confidence

Children who don’t believe they’re “good” at maths might be less likely to engage with the subject.

How Ninja Maths Combats Maths Anxiety

Ninja Maths uses a unique approach to tackle these challenges and build a strong foundation in maths.

Practice with Fun

Ninja Maths uses interactive games, puzzles, and engaging activities that make practicing maths concepts enjoyable. This fosters a positive association with maths, reducing anxiety and turning practice into playtime.

A useful theme used throughout Ninja Maths are real-world examples and questions.

Focus on Mastery, not Speed

The emphasis is on understanding concepts thoroughly, not rushing through problems. This reduces the pressure to get the answer “right” the first time and allows children to learn from mistakes in a safe environment.

Celebrating Small Wins

Ninja Maths rewards progress with regular achievements, boosting confidence and providing a sense of accomplishment. This motivates children to keep learning and tackling new challenges.

The Power of Practice-Repeat-Refine

The practice-repeat-refine approach at the core of Ninja Maths is crucial for building confidence and competence:

Practice Makes Progress

Repeated exposure to maths concepts strengthens understanding and builds fluency.

Repeating with Variation

Ninja Maths offers different exercises and activities to reinforce the same concept, preventing boredom and keeping things interesting.

Refining Skills

Through regular practice, children can identify areas that require more work and refine their skills progressively.

The Ninja Maths Advantage

By making maths real-world and fun, reducing pressure, and emphasising mastery, Ninja Maths helps children overcome anxiety and develop a positive relationship with maths. Here’s what Ninja Maths offers:

Engaging Content

Aligned with the curriculum, Ninja Maths offers age-appropriate challenges that keep children engaged and motivated.

Building a Strong Foundation

Mastering basic maths skills early on sets children up for success in more complex maths concepts later. This also helps with other STEM subjects such as Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry, and Biology.

Confidence Boost

As children progress through Ninja Maths worksheets and activities, they gain confidence in their maths abilities.

Empowering Future Mathematicians

With Ninja Maths, children transform from maths-anxious students into confident problem-solvers. The practice-repeat-refine approach equips them with the skills and positive attitude needed to excel in maths and beyond.

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Battling Maths Anxiety: How Ninja Maths Makes Numbers Fun and Builds Confidence Ninja Maths

International Equivalence

English Year 4 for school ages 8-9 equates to:

USA Grade 3
Australia Year 3
Republic of Ireland Third Class
South Korea Grade 3
India Grade 3
Japan Grade 3
China Grade 3
Germany Grade 3
New Zealand Year 4
Wales Year 4
Netherlands Group 5
Scotland P5

English Year 5 for school ages 9-10 equates to:

USA Grade 4
Australia Year 4
Republic of Ireland Fourth Class
South Korea Grade 4
India Grade 4
Japan Grade 4
China Grade 4
Germany Grade 4
New Zealand Year 5
Wales Year 5
Netherlands Group 6
Scotland P6

English Year 6 for school ages 10-11 equates to:

USA Grade 5
Australia Year 5
Republic of Ireland Fifth Class
South Korea Grade 5
India Grade 5
Japan Grade 5
China Grade 5
Germany Grade 5
New Zealand Year 6
Wales Year 6
Netherlands Group 7
Scotland P7

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