November Week 2 Long Multiplication

November Week 2 Long Multiplication Ninja Maths

This weeks free worksheets are for English Years 4, 5, and 6 (see table below for international equivalents).

The focus is on long multiplication, including a verbal problem requiring two steps to calculate the number of sandwiches needed.

It’s important to learn the columns method of long multiplication, but also to decode from a verbal question what the numbers are which require multiplying.

There’s also a cool maze (a more difficult version for Year 6 than for Years 4 & 5).

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England, Wales, and New ZealandYear 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
Northern IrelandYear 4Year 5Year 6Year 7
USA & South Korea2nd Grade3rd Grade4th Grade5th Grade
AustraliaYear 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
ChinaYear 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
IndiaClass 2Class 3Class 4Class 5

International Equivalence

English Year 4 for school ages 8-9 equates to:

USA Grade 3
Australia Year 3
Republic of Ireland Third Class
South Korea Grade 3
India Grade 3
Japan Grade 3
China Grade 3
Germany Grade 3
New Zealand Year 4
Wales Year 4
Netherlands Group 5
Scotland P5

English Year 5 for school ages 9-10 equates to:

USA Grade 4
Australia Year 4
Republic of Ireland Fourth Class
South Korea Grade 4
India Grade 4
Japan Grade 4
China Grade 4
Germany Grade 4
New Zealand Year 5
Wales Year 5
Netherlands Group 6
Scotland P6

English Year 6 for school ages 10-11 equates to:

USA Grade 5
Australia Year 5
Republic of Ireland Fifth Class
South Korea Grade 5
India Grade 5
Japan Grade 5
China Grade 5
Germany Grade 5
New Zealand Year 6
Wales Year 6
Netherlands Group 7
Scotland P7

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November Year 4 - Sample Pages

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November Year 5 - Sample Pages

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November Year 6 - Sample Pages

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