Year 4 – Number & Place Value, Worksheet 2 More Than / Less Than

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Review from Louise in Aberdeen


I’d like to say your resources are amazing. I am a teacher and I use these at home for my kids. They are just the right balance without being too overwhelming. Thank you for all the work you put into this, it makes a huge difference!


Review from Mrs G in Inverness

Ninja Maths worksheets are interesting and engaging resources that provide a perfect blend of consolidation, practice and challenge with a high-interest level.

Teachers can use these useful and robust worksheets as a snapshot of pupil learning but also as assessment tools to provide evidence of pupil achievement and attainment.

I use them as class activities and, especially, as differentiated activities for 2 high-attaining pupils in my class who seek and thrive on extra pace and challenge. They love them!

Mrs G.

International Equivalence

English Year 4 for school ages 8-9 equates to:

USA Grade 3
Australia Year 3
Republic of Ireland Third Class
South Korea Grade 3
India Grade 3
Japan Grade 3
China Grade 3
Germany Grade 3
New Zealand Year 4
Wales Year 4
Netherlands Group 5
Scotland P5

English Year 5 for school ages 9-10 equates to:

USA Grade 4
Australia Year 4
Republic of Ireland Fourth Class
South Korea Grade 4
India Grade 4
Japan Grade 4
China Grade 4
Germany Grade 4
New Zealand Year 5
Wales Year 5
Netherlands Group 6
Scotland P6

English Year 6 for school ages 10-11 equates to:

USA Grade 5
Australia Year 5
Republic of Ireland Fifth Class
South Korea Grade 5
India Grade 5
Japan Grade 5
China Grade 5
Germany Grade 5
New Zealand Year 6
Wales Year 6
Netherlands Group 7
Scotland P7

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November Year 6 - Sample Pages

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